QuestDB (YC S20) がコアデータベースエンジニアを募集しています。

QuestDB: The Fastest Open Source Time Series Database

QuestDB is an open source time series database that is gaining significant traction in the tech industry. With a focus on performance and simplicity, QuestDB is being used by Fortune 500 companies like Airbus and Yahoo to store, process, and analyze real-time time series data across various industries. In this blog post, we will explore the features and advantages of QuestDB, as well as the reasons behind its rapid growth and popularity.

The Need for a High-Performance Time Series Database

In today’s data-driven world, the volume and velocity of data are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional databases often struggle to handle the massive influx of time series data, resulting in slow query performance and limited scalability. This is where QuestDB comes in.

QuestDB is specifically designed to address the challenges of handling time series data. It leverages a combination of C++ and Java (zero-GC) to deliver unparalleled performance and scalability. With its innovative architecture, QuestDB can process millions of data points per second, making it an ideal choice for high-throughput applications.

Real-World Use Cases

QuestDB has gained popularity across a wide range of industries. Financial services companies use it to analyze market data and make real-time trading decisions. Energy companies rely on QuestDB to monitor and optimize power grids. Manufacturers use it to track production metrics and identify bottlenecks. Web3 projects utilize QuestDB to store blockchain data and enable decentralized applications. Even space exploration companies find value in QuestDB for analyzing telemetry data from satellites and spacecraft.

One of the key advantages of QuestDB is its ability to handle large-scale, data-intensive production systems. Companies like Airbus and Yahoo deploy QuestDB to serve close to a billion users, demonstrating its scalability and reliability in demanding environments.

The QuestDB Community

QuestDB has quickly gained a strong and vibrant community of developers. With over 13k stars on its open source repository in just three years, QuestDB is the fastest-growing time series database in its category. This growth can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, QuestDB is a product-first company, which means they prioritize building a robust and user-friendly database. This focus on delivering a high-quality product has resonated with developers, who appreciate the simplicity and performance of QuestDB.

Secondly, QuestDB has created an open and collaborative environment for its community. Developers have the opportunity to interact with the QuestDB team, provide feedback, and contribute to the project’s development. This level of engagement fosters a sense of ownership and encourages continuous improvement.

Joining the QuestDB Team

If you are a talented and passionate database engineer, QuestDB offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology. As a Core Database Engineer, you will contribute to improving QuestDB’s performance, scalability, and user experience. You will work with a globally distributed remote-first team and have the chance to interact with QuestDB’s growing community of users and contributors.

To apply for the Core Database Engineer position, visit the link below and submit your personal details. Make sure to include relevant links to your portfolio, such as LinkedIn, GitHub, or your personal website. Join QuestDB in building breakthrough technology that powers the infrastructure of tomorrow.


QuestDB has emerged as the fastest open source time series database, offering unparalleled performance and simplicity. Its growing popularity can be attributed to its ability to handle large-scale, data-intensive production systems, as well as its strong community engagement. If you are a developer looking for a high-performance time series database, QuestDB is definitely worth exploring. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date with all things QuestDB and join the community of developers solving their data problems with this breakthrough technology.


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