GitMounter:Git リポジトリ用の FUSE ファイルシステム

Exploring a Read-Only FUSE Filesystem for Git Repositories

In a recent post on HackerNews, Julia Evans posed an interesting question: has anyone created a read-only FUSE filesystem for a git repository where each commit is represented as a folder containing all the files? This idea would allow users to easily navigate through commits without having to check them out. In response to this query, Jordan Rose shared their own experience with a similar project and provided a cleaned-up version of the code.

Julia Evans, known for her accessible blog posts and zines that explore various software topics, has a knack for approaching complex concepts in a way that both newbies and experienced individuals can appreciate. Her enthusiasm for this particular idea shines through in her follow-up post, where she expresses excitement about the potential of impractical projects in the world of computers.

Implementing a Read-Only FUSE Filesystem

Jordan Rose, in response to Julia Evans’ query, shared their own experience with a read-only FUSE filesystem for git repositories. Although they never made the project publicly available due to a cumbersome build process and perceived lack of value, they decided to share the code with Julia Evans upon her request.

The implementation of this FUSE filesystem involves representing each commit as a folder and populating it with the files associated with that commit. The branches in the git repository can be symbolically linked to the respective commit folders, enabling easy navigation through the commit history.

To use this FUSE filesystem, you need to have FUSE (macFUSE or libfuse-dev), libgit2, pkg-config, and Swift installed. The code provided by Jordan Rose is a SwiftPM package, making it compatible with macOS and Linux. However, on Linux, you may need to create the mount directory before running the command.

If the command fails, it will provide information about the attempted path, helping users troubleshoot any issues that may arise during setup.

Julia Evans: A Software Exploration Enthusiast

Julia Evans, the individual who sparked the conversation about the read-only FUSE filesystem, is known for her passion in making software accessible to both beginners and experts. Her blog posts and zines cover a wide range of software topics, offering a delightful sense of discovery and enjoyment.

In her follow-up post, Julia Evans expresses her excitement about the idea and playfully dismisses those who consider it impractical. She highlights the essence of computers, which is to explore and experiment with seemingly impractical ideas to see what happens. Her enthusiasm and curiosity make her a valuable resource for anyone interested in diving deeper into the world of software.


The concept of a read-only FUSE filesystem for git repositories, where each commit is represented as a folder, opens up new possibilities for navigating through commit history without the need for checkouts. Although Jordan Rose had previously worked on a similar project, it was never released due to perceived limitations.

However, in response to Julia Evans’ interest, Jordan Rose shared the code for this FUSE filesystem implementation. Julia Evans, known for her accessible software explorations, expressed great excitement about the idea and encouraged others to embrace the joy of impractical projects in the realm of computers.

Overall, this exchange on HackerNews showcases the collaborative and exploratory nature of the software development community. It reminds us that even seemingly impractical ideas can lead to valuable insights and discoveries.

Be sure to follow Julia Evans and explore her blog posts and zines to uncover more fascinating insights into the world of software.


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