Show HN: Revert – 製品統合のためのオープンソース統一API

Revert: Simplifying Third Party API Integrations

Revert is an open-source unified API platform that aims to make it incredibly easy for engineers to build integrations with any third-party API. By offering a customizable integration code out of the box, Revert allows engineers to save time and effort in building integrations from scratch.

With the increasing number of APIs available in the market, it can be a daunting task for engineers to integrate different systems and services. Each API has its own unique set of endpoints, authentication methods, and data formats, making the integration process complex and time-consuming.

Revert solves this problem by providing a unified API that covers a wide range of third-party APIs. Whether you need to integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, or Zoho CRM, or communication tools, accounting software, and more, Revert has got you covered.

The beauty of Revert lies in its flexibility. Engineers can easily customize the integration code to fit their specific requirements. This means that even if Revert offers pre-built integrations, engineers can still tweak the code to match their unique needs.

Getting started with Revert is a breeze. Simply sign up for an account and explore the documentation to learn how to use the platform. Revert provides a set of packages under the @reverdotdev/ namespace, which can be used to build integrations with different APIs.

If you’re new to Revert, you can check out the revert-example-apps repository, which contains a collection of examples demonstrating how to use Revert with various frameworks.

For any questions or feedback, the Revert team is readily available to assist. You can get in touch through their official documentation, raise an issue on GitHub, or join their Discord community.

Revert takes security seriously and encourages responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities. If you believe you have uncovered a security vulnerability, please email with a description of the issue and steps to reproduce it.

The Revert community plays a vital role in making the platform better every day. The team is grateful for the continuous support and feedback from the community, which helps drive the development and improvement of Revert.

In conclusion, Revert is a game-changer for engineers looking to simplify the integration process with third-party APIs. By offering a unified API platform and customizable integration code, Revert empowers engineers to save time and effort while building robust integrations. Whether you’re a developer working with CRMs, communication tools, accounting software, or any other third-party API, Revert provides a comprehensive solution to meet your integration needs.


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